Terms and conditions for using a mooring.

The MOORING PLOTS at PURLEY GARDENS are in a creek situated in ten acres of private meadows and woodland, and have been designed to give boat owners convenient and easy access to their craft in a secluded and attractive setting.

The creek opens on to a peaceful reach of the Thames between Reading and Pangbourne, a little below Mapledurham Lock. The creek consists of three channels, about 45 ft. wide, served with drives which enable you to take your car to your own grass plot beside your boat. As a tenant you are welcome to use the meadow and river bank for picnics and recreational activities, or to tie up your boat during the day, avoiding the stretch in front of the Warden’s bungalow. The driveways are constructed just clear of the 1947 flood level, and the plots can be used at all tines of the year.  

For your first contact with us please telephone at the times indicated or apply in writing (we do not have a full time office staff) mentioning the length of your boat. Please write to: - 

The Manager, Purley Gardens Moorings The Warden’s Bungalow Purley Gardens, Near Reading, Berks  RG8 8BY 

We will let you know whether there is a suitable mooring available and make arrangements for viewing the property.    



You will have access to mains water (with a hose for filling tanks): toilets; washing facilities, an emptying point for chemical closets and a waste bin. If the bin is full please take your litter home. Loose rubbish will not be collected except by the foxes.A 13 amp socket is available for occasional use, e.g. for charging batteries. A permanent electricity supply can be offered to some of the plots.  This is looked after by a users' association. 


You will have free use of the slipway. There is a powerful winch in the barn which you may use if necessary. Your key fits the Service block, slipway, winch house & towpath gate. Please keep all doors closed. 


You may leave trailers and craft brought ashore on the meadow beside the slipway for reasonable periods. A charge will be made if boats are left for three months or more. They must be left facing the river, within 6 foot of the fence by the woods. It will be necessary to clear the scrub & nettles first -  we can never mow this strip. You must clear your area each year.Trailers should be marked near the hitch with your plot number.  Please leave a note at the bungalow stating your name, plot number, name of craft and description and approximate position of trailer.You may  leave trailers or dinghies on your own plot. 


You must make your own arrangements to secure your boat, and to embark. Stages should not project more than 18" in to the waterway at summer levels. The banks of the river and of our channels are kept in place mainly by vegetation.  If you build a large stage that casts a deep shadow, please include horizontal planks or metal near water level to stop the banks from washing into the channel. To keep boats in position during floods, it is necessary to erect two vertical posts rising well above normal water level. As a guide the paths are just clear of the 1947 flood level. The general appearance is improved if posts are painted white. 


Your plot number should be clearly displayed.    


You may erect a wooden fence not more than 36’ high, e.g. chestnut paling, post and rail or rustic fencing. Plastic coated chain link may be used but it must have a wooden top rail. Any metal supports should be painted brown or black. 



Plots of land about 10 ft. wide are let in multiples of 5 ft. length, minimum 20 ft. For convenient mooring it is worth taking a plot at least 3 ft. longer than your boat.


Lettings are by the quarter year (25 March; 25th dune; 29 Sept and 25 Dec.) The rent must be paid in advance.



New tenants are required to give a deposit equal to one quarter’s rent in addition to payment of rent in advance. This will be returned when the plot is given up, provided that notice is tendered 4 weeks before the end of the quarter.   


One tenant cannot transfer a plot direct to another (There may be a waiting list for the plot). Any arrangement for the taking over of landing stages etc. must be between the incoming and outgoing tenant. Agreement is usually reached based on the take away value of the materials. In the special case of a tenant selling his boat he may be permitted to transfer the plot to the new owner but it is the outgoing tenant’s responsibility to see that an up to date deposit is received, as well as the rent.  


The Water Authority do not guarantee maximum or minimum water levels. We let plots of land and do not imply that the channels are suitable for a particular craft at any time. We take no responsibility for damage to craft, persons or property. Owners must take special care in conditions of flood or drought.All boats & property should be insured. If you regularly experience difficulty, e.g. with shallow areas, please let us know. 


Owners must accept full responsibility for their craft. We have taken every reasonable precaution by the erection of high chainlink fencing and daily inspection of the moorings. You will be issued with a car sticker. Please use it at all times. Extra stickers may be purchased at the bungalow at 9.30.a.m. weekdays. Please accost anyone who has no sticker and ask them their business. (and thank anyone who accosts you if you forget yours)

Children under 16 may not visit the moorings unaccompanied.

Please accost any unaccompanied groups of children.


PLEASE SHUT THE GATES even if you are going out again soon. The general public drive in when the gates are open, and a small proportion may cause security problems.

WARNING The Channels can be quite deep. The banks may cave in if people jump on the edges. Small children, especially non-swimmers, should be kept under strict supervision.